War Cry

by The Victor Ship

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Collier at Sound Mountain Studios in Green Valley, CA.

Featuring guest vocals by Donovan Melero of Hail The Sun - www.facebook.com/hailthesun


You're floating through this life,
pennies on your eyes.
Adorned in copper blinders,
you wait to pay the piper,
patiently biding your time.

When that day comes
when all you have is what you've done
will you lament your rotting tongue?

Like soldiers through blood and mire
you stumble, you retch, you crawl.
You bury what's left of your souls
in the line of fire.

Like sailors to salted water,
you guzzle, you beg, you falter.
You choke down what's left of your pride
in the name of the father.

You've got a brain
where a spine would suffice.
What's left to say? What's left to do?
Now that you've let slip all your lies.

I won't let you in,
after all that you claimed to be
has washed away, out to sea.

Shout out your worthless phrases.
Praise a god you never knew.
Shout out all your war cries

There's no one left to blame, no one left to blame here but you.

Sing for me, farewell.
Cry for thee, farewell.

I defy you, show me what defines you.


released October 29, 2012
Matt Battaglia: Guitar, Vocals
Chris Buongiorno: Drums, Vocals
Madison Megna: Guitar
Matt Romero: Bass, Vocals
Donovan Melero: Vocals



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The Victor Ship Los Angeles, California

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