Contes de Fées

by The Victor Ship

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released May 25, 2012

Matt Battaglia - Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals
Chris Buongiorno - Drums, Vocals
Madison Megna - Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals
Matt Romero - Bass, Vocals

Guest Vocals - Brittany Buongiorno
Guest Piano - James Buongiorno
Guest Percussion - Chris Collier, Alex Onate

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Chris Collier
Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc Systems



all rights reserved


The Victor Ship Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Why Do You Hoard?
I am the simplest of men. Nothing to show for years of toil. You ask too much of me, but I keep churning this dead soil. I would give up my life for every earthly wealth and treasure to behold. I will forget my name. I will lose myself in these piles of gold. There’s nothing left to call my own. You’ve taken my soul. This is all just a game to you, and I played along. I lost control. What am I to do? How can I compare? I gave up my life for every earthly wealth and treasure to behold. I forgot my name. I lost myself in these piles of gold. I have suffered enough. Forgive me my sins. These chains won’t break until I’m paid. Say my name. The flames won’t cease until you’ve learned. For this you will burn. You must give me all you’ve promised. I will accept no less. You gave your word, you sold your soul. Is it worth its weight in gold? Bury me beneath the sand, carry me unto the sea. Bury me, bury everything. Bury me with all the ghosts of all your dreams and all your hopes. Bury me, bury everything. What have I done? And at what cost? I paid no mind to what I’d lose, and now you’re gone.
Track Name: Why Do You Squander?
The ones we trust to keep us safe will give us cause to be afraid. The ones we loved with all our heart have left us here to tear ourselves apart. Leave them to their crooked ways, their blackened hearts, their choices made. We’re better off out on our own, built to walk this road alone. We’ll find ourselves a better home than any we have known. Keep pacing in circles, waiting on the moon to come and show us where we went wrong. We’ve walked this road for so long that we’ve lost our way back home. But our feet had scarred so long ago that we never would have known. The flames will burn you down as you realize what you’ve done. And everything you’ve built in seconds will be gone. You will burn upon the pyre built to roast our flesh. And we will dance across the ashes until there’s nothing left.
Track Name: Swallowing Limbs
The ends you seek will never justify your means. Your lust for blood will only drag you deeper into the sea. You’d sell your soul for glories bought but never earned. No saving grace, no lessons learned, no fools return. I’ll cling to life amidst these crashing dreams and thank whatever gods I keep that it was you, not me. Save. Your. Souls. Hold fast, sink slow. I’ve lost as much as you, yet I do not seek revenge. There is a time and place for vengeance, a time to straddle that edge. But you waste your wits, your every breath. You waste what precious days you’ve left pursuing your own death. So take your life while it’s still yours and return now to your native shore. With you I’ll grapple to the last, through every snapping falling mast. There you’ll find me holding fast to this bitter hate from battles past.
Track Name: The Modern Prometheus
Frozen to my core, the wretched devil ever still escapes me. In search of something more, I never stopped to think what this could mean. You must help me stop him. We cannot let him flee. His heart ripped from his chest, at peace then I will be. I built this beast with my own bare and bloodied hands, a life of good intentions be damned. How much longer can I stand to wait, and watch as it eats away at everything. “Did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?” Clay and water may have made you, but neither created me. You walk along that edge bracing for the fall. But I am no more a monster than the one within you all. He made this man with his own bare and bloodied hands, his life of good intentions be damned. Now he’ll never be able to see the good that lived deep within his everything. No love, no faith, no glory to show for all that he gladly let go. How much longer can he bear to seem less than the god that he imagined he would be.
Track Name: And To Dust I Shall Return
The day lit skies be damned. I won’t make a sound. There’s nothing there worth singing for, not anymore. There’s got to be some way out of here. Alone in this cage. Surrounded by nothing but my fears. Alone in my mind, I’ve lost my way. All alone, with no place to call home, the noose it calls. The ropes they call. All is lost, and devoid of all hope. The gallows call. The gallows call. Just one more step, and this all can go away.