In Somnis Veritas

by The Victor Ship

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In Somnis Veritas is an album based on the world of dreams and the subconscious mind and the effect that world has on our every day lives. We invite you to take a journey within yourself as you listen.


released June 11, 2010

Matt Battaglia - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Buongiorno - Drums, Percussion, Sampling, Vocals
Charlie Camarillo - Bass
David Dorosh - Guitars, Percussion, Bells, Vocals

*Additional vocals by Brittany Buongiorno
*Spoken words by Brian Thomas Barnhart, Corinne Grillo, Ishmael Perez, Brianna Viera, Sara Battaglia

Recorded and Mixed by Robert Altschuler at Command Recording Studios in Valencia, CA

Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc Systems in McMinnville, OR

*Additional sounds created with S. Peace Nistades at Alkaloide Music in Hollywood, CA
*Additional samples created and mixed by Ryan Young at Blue Room Studios in Valencia, CA



all rights reserved


The Victor Ship Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Perelandra
How do you say goodbye
from a million miles away?
You get further every day.
There's nothing I can do
to bring me back to you.

Wake me up.
This cannot be.
I cannot feel your touch again.

Take care, my love,
for I will see you in my dreams again.
Track Name: To Walk In Fear
We live and die in fear.
For what? A machine it seems.
The sun, it burns my eyes.
Their cries, they haunt my dreams.

We've lived here too long
to call this place home.
But we've held on too long
just to let it go.

We left home,
mercy to the sun.
We stand in line.
A place of refuge, we have none.

Free at last
but the scars they linger still.
Hope is near
for the ones who live to forget this place.
Track Name: Of Claws And Wings
This ship sets sail on an ocean of sand,
plotting a course for the sea.
With fear at bay and heart in hand,
the sirens they sing to me.

My ship sets sail with no crew on board,
but this empty heart and soul.
With no possessions but this rusty sword,
the sirens they sing me home.
Track Name: The Accident
We march until the end.
We march until we die.
Track Name: Inches From The End
Here we are again,
the same place that we've always been.
You're inches from the end,
too far gone to bring you in.

You're better than this.
Why can't you see?
You're better than this.
Please let me show you.

As loud as waves against the shore
I call to you for more.
My arms are open wide
to soak the tears you've cried.

All we have
is what we've done.
Who we are
is how love.

You're building up your barricades
to keep away from everything.
There's nothing I can say to you
to show you that I'm here for you.

This is love.
This is bold.
Track Name: With Hope I Breathe
This is my prayer:
That you would find a reason to live.
Don't waste your breath
singing songs to the deaf.
Track Name: Digging Up The Clouds
Who are we dream
that death won't have its day,
that fear is just an actress
in this silly little play?
Who are we to scream
in the face of all we know,
to think that there's some valor
in the act of letting go?

Scratching at the ceiling,
digging up the clouds.
Buried by the feeling
that there's no way out.

What are we to think
when we've listened all our lives
to the little truths you've told us
and all the biggest lies?
What are we to do
when there's nothing left inside
but the weight of all our choices
and the bones we choose to hide?

Scratching at the ceiling
digging up the clouds.
Lost in all the losing
of the hope we had 'til now.
Track Name: Open Eyes
I've been sleeping through my whole life
and dreaming with open eyes.

Wake up!